About Us

CDAC KP About Us

The Knowledge Park Centre of C-DAC, Bangalore is the 2nd of C-DAC centers to be established in 1989 and has been concentrating on various aspects of hardware and software development. The range of technologies includes High Performance Computing and Grid Computing with GARUDA, the national grid initiative and as the nodal agency for the ambitious countrywide grid linking all the PARAM platforms as well as other resources from the academia, with a host of applications.

Our Vision

To emerge as the premier R&D Institution for the design, development and deployment of world class IT solutions for economic and human advancement.

Our Mission

  • To carve out a niche in the global arena of advanced Information Technology and enhance our brand image.
  • To continue to create and deploy the finest talent in our quest for further expanding the frontiers of High Performance Computing and Communication Technologies and its applications.
  • To achieve rapid and effective spread of knowledge by overcoming language barriers using Natural Language oriented computing and Multimedia Technologies.
  • To share our vast reservoir of experience for education and knowledge enrichment in the field of Information Technology.
  • To utilize the intellectual property thus generated, bringĀ benefitsĀ of Information Technology to Society, by converting it into an exciting business opportunity and establishing a self-sustaining and wealth creating operation

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